Janet and John like cooking. Mummy helps. Janet makes nice cakes. Her friends want to have some.

John says she should sell the cakes to her friends. If she sells cakes, she can buy more cake ingredients to make even more cakes. John helps in the kitchen.

Now Janet and John have a business making and selling cakes. 

Janet and John want to sell more cakes and they want to pay less for the cake ingredients. Janet says they should start a stall at the local market run by Mister Mercier. They ask Mister Mercier and he says yes. Mummy helps with the paperwork and the agreement. Mummy says if they pay they can have a stall to sell their cakes.

Now Janet and John sell cakes to people who come to the market. They also sell cakes to other stall holders in the market. They buy cake ingredients from the other stall holders.

Mister Mercier tells them how to be clean and careful in the kitchen. Now they make better cakes. Janet and John have a successful business. They make extra pocket money.

John thinks the money they pay Mister Mercier for the stall is too much. Also, John does not like Mr Kowalski and the sausages he sells at the stall. John says "Let's start our own market." John lies to Janet. He says if they run their own market they will have £3.50 extra every week. He says if they have their own market they can stop Mister Kowalski's customers coming.

Janet says "No." She likes all the people they meet and the food the other people make. Janet and John disagree but John is a boy and so they have to start their own market.

Mister Mercier hears that Janet and John they want to start their own market. Mister Mercier says mummy must write and let him know when they will stop coming. Janet and John do not ask mummy to help. They do not tell Mister Mercier when they want to stop going to the market. They just keep going to the market and selling cakes.

John is trying to be a big boy. He says he will write to Mister Mercier. He will tell Mister Mercier he wants to start his own market. John tells mummy how he is trying to be grown-up.

Mummy says she has agreed the market stall with Mister Mercier and she must tell Mister Mercier. John is very cross. He thinks mummy is trying to stop him starting his own market. Mummy just wants to make sure everything is done properly. Mummy says she will ask daddy when he comes home.


to be continued…