This article is a summary of all the comments from a thread in WE ARE THE 48 PERCENT - a group on Facebook. We were searching for a consistent and reasonable response  to people who say

I voted leave because I want to make Britain Great again

There were a few sideways discussions about Great Britain being the largest island in the north-west European archipelago and beating the French at Agincourt in 1415. However it was thought that the best response would be to ask the Brexiteer to explain which decade they would like to go back to and then hit them with the following reasons why that particular decade was not as good as the rose-tinted hindsight spectacles might suggest.

Here's why Britain wasn't great in...


WAR - Tony Blair and Gulf War

ECONOMY - Pound drops out of EMU


WAR - Falklands (diversionary tactics by Thatcher?)

HOUSING - "negative equity" arrives


PETROL RATIONING - ok, threatened but not implemented.

ECONOMY - there is much here

  • The three day week & the winter of discontent
  • Mortgage rationing and 15% inflation and interest rates.
  • Bodies piling up, post strikes, power cuts on a rota, firemen on strike army had to do the job, working by candle light.
  • Limit of £30 spending money to go abroad.
  • Couldn't spend more than £32 on gifts abroad.
  • Income tax 35% and the Super Tax.
  • IMF Bailout



INTERNATIONAL - Cold war and threat of nuclear annihilation

HOUSING - so bad that Shelter was founded

ECONOMY - Start of being a net importer of coal

INFRASTRUCTURE - Beeching cut a third of the railway in 1963

DEFENCE INDUSTRY - scrapping of TSR-2


HUMAN RIGHTS - remember Alan Turing (1912-54). Homosexuality was a prison offence - until 1967

WAR - Suez

RATIONING - it continued until 1954!


EDUCATION - labelling children as failures (75% failed 11+)

WAR - 60 million people were killed in World War II (over 450,000 from UK and its colonies) 

SOCIETY - NHS founded but not until 1948 - get ill before that and you were in trouble.

WAR - Korean War


ECONOMY - Depression continues

SOCIETY - Rise of Fascism in Europe and no response in UK


POLITICAL - no votes for women under 30 (until 1928)

 ECONOMY - Depression


POLITICAL - no votes for women (until 1918)

IRELAND - Easter rising

WAR - do you want to go back in time to when 17 million people were killed?

HEALTH - the 1918 influenza epidemic killed 50 - 100 million people worldwide.


WAR - Boer War

ENVIRONMENTAL - Turtle Invasion

Late 19th century

SOCIETY - workhouses & debtors' prison

HUMAN RIGHTS - Homosexuality punishable by death until 1861


Oh for goodness sake, do you really want to go back that far and pick a nice place for yourself in society. You've been watching too much television.

Any why do you consider Europe to be not a great place?

57% of our trade is with Europe.

We can go and live anywhere in Europe (buy our houses in the south of Spain).

We have

  • visa free travel
  • product safety
  • break-up of monopolies
  • no roaming fees for mobile phone
  • clean beaches
  • equal pay
  • holiday pay entitlements
  • maternity leave

We share security information with in Europe.

Human Rights

By the way, the European Convention on Human Rights was written in 1950 by the Council of Europe after WWII. Without it there would have been no Good Friday Agreement. You might want to watch this video.