Dear Mr. Corbyn,

First of all, congratulations on your performance in the General Election. To have mobilised the younger, first-time voters was a triumph for the Labour Party but also democracy. I think there is no going back and the new voters will be exercising their democratic rights for years to come now that they have seen what can be achieved.

This letter concerns last year's referendum on leaving the EU and how I hope the Labour Party might act on the results. That the referendum was won on a case based on "industrial dishonesty" is well known (see Prof. Dougan's video) and I will not address this aspect further. Instead I would like to concentrate on those who did not vote to leave the EU. Firstly there is the 62% of the electorate as it stood in June last year who did not - for whatever reason - vote to leave. However, more importantly, there are those who were too young to vote but whose futures will be massively affected by the result (I suspect a severe case of age based "gerrymandering" by the government of the day). The upshot is that many young people that could not / did not vote in the referendum who are now politically aware are more inclined to want to remain in the EU (see BBC voting analysis).

The obvious summary of the above is that the decision to leave was not "the will of the people" at the time and by all accounts is certainly not the will of the people now.

My plea to you is to ignore any calls to follow blindly the "Brexit means Brexit" path created by the Conservative Party, albeit allowing yourself a few tweaks from hard to soft, and to listen to the increasing ranks of supporters for the remain case. The future is built for future generations by us working now. Please keep the UK in the EU for the many that will follow, not for the few that have built their comfortable lifestyles on an open Europe.

We all know the referendum was "consultative", merely enabling the electorate to voice an opinion (see Briefing Paper 07212) and I call on you to note that opinion but to act decisively by either voting against all actions to make the UK leave the EU or, if that is too politically difficult, to call for a referendum on the final terms of our leaving.

I thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely