The arguments seemed to have switched to how the UK can get the best deal in the future. David Davis and the rest of the suicidal department at the DfUK seem to be fighting the EU to get as much of what the country has as a member of the EU. No border in Ireland, Passporting, "a" customs union, etc are all part of what the UK is demanding but oddly enough they are all part of the package we have now as members of the EU.

To control our borders, to rid the country of those meddlesome workers from the EU and to retain sovereignty are three obvious extras that the government is trying to slip in on behalf of an ever dwindling portion of the electorate. To pick off those particular three issues.

We always had control of our borders. We opted out of Shengen and  in any case, the EU allows countries to expel foreign nationals after 3 months if they can't demonstrate they have the ability to support themselves. It's simply that the UK government has chosen to not implement that policy. And that leads us nicely to whether immigrants are a benefit to or a burden on society. All studies indicate they are a benefit: coming to this country, working, paying taxes and then returning before ill-health and medical needs associated with older age kick in. The unpicked crops in the fields are an obvious indication of how the country needs willing manual labourers. Another indication of their benefit is contained in two statistics: immigrants comprise 5% of the population but 10% of NHS staff.

Sovereignty? Oh please! I give you two quotes "Parliament has remained sovereign throughout our membership of the EU" Theresa May and "[in the transition period] we would take for the first time since 1066 laws imposed on us by a foreign power" Jacob Rees-Mogg.

While falling short on fact, the Brexit faction fall back to on bureaucracy and the Commissioners and their undemocratic election and legislation creation. The commission and its offices employ as many people as Birmingham City Council: not bad for running 27 countries with 508m people (Birmingham has 1.1m). Yes, The Commissioners aren't elected by the people but that are interviewed by parliamentary sub-committee and approved by the European MEPs. Compare this with the UK system of Civil Servants  who are totally unelected. Commissioners serve for 5 years not life and may be dismissed. Read more on Wikipedia.

So what IS it all about? In my view, Cameron was trying to put the Conservative Euro-sceptics back in their boxes and failed magnificently. Theresa May stepped up, meddled with the timing of Article 50 so that the UK would not be subject to EU money laundering regulations due to be implemented in, wait for it, March 2019 and the political sheep follow on.

My MP says he is implementing the will of the people in his constituency (and lining up his new career in politics?). As an ex-military man he should know that "merely following orders" is no defence. And as an ex-military man he surely knows how best to protect the Good Friday Agreement and honour the lives lost from all factions in Ireland. To misquote Macron: The best solution to the Ireland border problem ... is called membership of the EU.