The slogan "a country that works for everyone" at the Conservative Party conference in 2016 doesn't quite match the reality.

Sheryl Murray is the con. party candidate for South East Cornwall. At a recent hustings she said "So, say for instance somebody has no house or if their financial situation had changed while they were going through reassessment and their benefits is [sic] delayed then sometimes they need to call upon the food bank. But I am really pleased we have food banks in South East Cornwall."

Needless to say there was uproar at the meeting and SM suggested ignoring one particular section of the audience. One woman declared "How dare you stand there and say you'll ignore me? I'm sitting down now but you're being rude." SM's response? "I think we leave. I'm not being subjected to this... You've all witnessed this horrendous behaviour... Perhaps the lady should leave?

The lady in the audience explained: "You were being very very rude and I am not leaving. If you want me to leave, you call the police".

The Tory response was a call to Bob (the coordinator?): "Right Bob would you like to ... go and do that please".

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